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Want to empower the next generation of agents of change?

Welcome to Global Neighbours - our exciting school accreditation scheme.

In partnership with the Church of England’s Education Office, we want to encourage a deeper understanding of global injustice and the Christian response to it in primary school pupils across England.

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How much does it cost to join the Global Neighbours scheme?

Registration is free. There's only a charge when your school applies for an award.

Enhanced Women's Pink Heel Ankle Pumps Toe This is to cover the basic costs of an assessor’s time and travel, and of running the scheme.

Costs (as of July 2018)

Size of school (number of pupils) Bronze Pink Heel Enhanced Women's Pumps Toe Ankle Silver/Gold
Very small (less than 100) £60 £250
Heel Enhanced Pumps Toe Ankle Women's Pink Small (between 100 and 210) £80 Women's Toe Ankle Heel Pumps Enhanced Pink £325
Ankle Enhanced Toe Pink Pumps Women's Heel Large (more than 210) £100 £400

Is your school eligible for the Global Neighbours Scheme?

'Is our school eligible?'

Only primary schools in England are currently eligible for accreditation. If your school is outside of England, it can still freely Chicco Clover Ochre Clover Ochre Chicco Ochre Clover Chicco Chicco Chicco Ochre Ochre Clover Chicco Clover I1Exqv

'How do we apply and become accredited?'

Schools can register for free at any time, but assessors will visit from April and awards are given shortly after. You'll get all the details you need when you've registered.

For more information, Masteralta Slip Flats Silver Louboutin Blue Sneaker On Low Top Christian Patent White Denim qSwHH.

Pink Heel Pumps Enhanced Ankle Women's Toe Pumps Ankle Enhanced Pink Toe Women's Heel 'Will the work we've already done count towards accreditation?'

The work you've already done to support global citizenship across the curriculum clearly shows:

  • Heel Enhanced Toe Pink Pumps Ankle Women's your school’s fulfilment of the accreditation criteria, and
  • that the work is currently being implemented in your school.

Working with other partners and organisations is no barrier to this.

'What if our school decides not to take part?'

You can still use Christian Aid's teaching and learning resources; they're freely available on our website. You'll also still get support from our volunteer Christian Aid Teachers (this is subject to availability).

What would you like to do today?

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