Contour Women's Black Buckle Brass Flats 4Rqc71Sw

Black Contour Brass Women's Buckle Flats

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See you at 8 September 2018!

Brass Buckle Women's Flats Contour Black SECONDS
Women's Brass Flats Black Contour Buckle
Challenge Almere-Amsterdam
Contour Buckle Flats Brass Women's Black CHALLENGE ALMERE-AMSTERDAM

The 2017 aftermovie!

Nutrition Partner
Sanas is our 2018 official Nutrition supplier and will be served on all aid stations during Challenge Almere-Amsterdam.
In order to prepare you can order a introduction package of Sanas nutrition and can be picked up at the guided bike test on August 18th or at out office in Almere.
Do you want to recieve it at home? Then order directly in the Sanas Webshop. Last order date: September 1st, 2018.
River Marrone Naring Marvin amp;co Org River gqzBT0f What’s in this box:
3 portions of Isomix isotonic drink
1 Fruitbar energy bar
10 Energy Gels
1 ampul Guaranol mega forte cafeïne shot
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Engraved Medal
This year it is possible to have your medal engraved with your results. This is done immediately after the finish in the Athlete Paradise inside the Theatre.

In the city centre of Almere there is paid parking. You can buy discounted parking tickets here!

Carbo Loading Party
The Carbo Loading Party takes place on the evening before the race. Access to the Carbo Loading Party is included in your fee for you as a participant. Additional Carbo Loading Party tickets can be bought here separately.


The Ultimate Athlete Challenge!
Swim, Bike and Run 226 kilometers through the endless open and flat landscape of CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM.


Spectators will have plenty to do during the CHALLENGEALMERE-AMSTERDAM race days. There are many possibilities to support your favorite athlete.


Every year hundreds of volunteers help to realize an unforgettable race for both the athletes and the audience. Do you want to be part of the CHALLENGEFAMILY?


Flats Buckle Brass Women's Contour Black spectators
Long Distance Finishers
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Women's Flats Brass Buckle Black Contour
Contour Women's Black Buckle Brass Flats 4Rqc71Sw Contour Women's Black Buckle Brass Flats 4Rqc71Sw Contour Women's Black Buckle Brass Flats 4Rqc71Sw Contour Women's Black Buckle Brass Flats 4Rqc71Sw Contour Women's Black Buckle Brass Flats 4Rqc71Sw

Look confident and fashionable in these flats. They are made of a black colored material. The body of the shoe has a ballet flat design. The toe boxes have a box styling. A black doe with a small heel has been added to them. A brass metal contoured buckle has been added to the top if the toe box. You will find you get a lot of use out of these wonderful flats. These shoes will make a great and lovely addition to any woman’s shoe collection.